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Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy CD's

Self hypnosis CD's by Katherine Tassioulas

Allow Katherine's calm and soothing voice help you. You can be hypnotised by one of the leading and most experienced hypnotists in Australia in the comfort of your own home.

Use these CD's again and again for effortless yet LASTING change.

At less than half the price of a normal "in person" hypnosis session, these CD's are set to change the field of hypnosis forever. Welcome to the future of hypnosis and personal change.






Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you receive powerful and positive benefits from the use of these CD's.

Hypnosis is slowly starting to become recognised as of the smartest methods we can employ to improve our mind and our life. The human mind is an unlimited and highly untapped source of power.

Self hypnosis is a safe and natural experience a skill that anyone that is interested to self development can learn, easily.

This set of hypnotherapy CD's will with verbal instructions by Katherine's soothing voice will help and guide you gently into a hypnotic state easily and safely.

The positive suggestions given to you will help the subconscious mind to respond to the positive inner resources and skills for positive change in any area in which you chose.

With practice and regular use these CD's they will bring balance back into your life eliminating past negative attitudes and behaviours and lead you into a more positive and fulfilling life on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual.


CD1 - Relaxation 1

Stress relief and relaxation while you sleep

For anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia

By listening to this CD either in the day time or at night when you are about to go to sleep you are able to go into a deep and relaxing nights sleep and while you sleep your subconscious mind de- stresses getting rid of all of the stress of the day without you consciously needing to do anything but breath and sleep and you awaken relaxed and refreshed. If you chose to listen to it during the day you awaken after 30 minutes relaxed and refreshed ready to start the new day with out stress.



CD2 - Relaxation 2

Relaxation and goal setting

This CD helps you with inner guidance achieving your goals personal and professional smoking addictions and weight loss building your confidence and self esteem.

By listening to this CD either just before going to sleep you are able to relax and de-stress and project your goals subconsciously into the future and achieve your goals without any conscious effort just relaxing and listening and sleeping allowing the subconscious mind to eliminate and eradicate any negative self talk or self sabotage to allow you to achieve your goals.



CD3 - Reiki & Seichem Chakra Balancing

Reiki and Seichem chakra balancing

This CD guides you into a wonderful state and helps to clear and balance you on all levels mental, spiritual and physical. This CD is also given to all Reiki and Seichem students to help them on their souls journey.

By listening to this CD it allows you to relax and meditate and clear and balance your charkas and also channel through life force energy just by breathing in the air and breathing out all stress and strain.



CD4 - Past Life Regression

Past life regression

This CD allows you to enter safely into past life regression and return to full waking consciousness with clarity, letting go of past life lessons and allows you to progress in the present on all levels.

By listening to this CD it allows you to relax and enter a hypnotic state easily and gently and to access your past lives easily and safely with the instructions on the CD.

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