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Life Coaching Testimonials

The following comments are from clients who have been through our performance and self mastery coaching or have been treated by our effective therapeutic techniques.

"I was impressed by the life coaching and guidance I was given to rebuild my life after my marriage breakdown."
D Williams

"My therapist actually cared about my personal development. She helped me set new goals, clear limiting beliefs and create new plans for my business."
J Camerson

"I have always had migraines and headaches for over 20 years. After going through the stress management and relaxation programs, I am able to cope better and reduce my stress levels."
L Curtis

"The self mastery coaching was the best decision I have ever made. I wanted to change my life and be more successful. My life changed within three months, I got a new job and I improved my relationship with my wife and family. "
G Mason





Client Testimonials
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"I stopped smoking after 6 sessions. The hypnotherapy was so powerful from the 2nd session and it was easier than I had thought. After smoking for 20 years, I am so glad the hypnotherapy worked, as I feel better and healthier now."
F Blakehurst

"The hypnotherapy and counselling sessions were wonderful. I had no self esteem, self confidence or self worth after losing my job. The strategies used in the sessions gave me another perspective on myself and how I interacted with others."
S Robinson

"I had regular therapy sessions over 18 months to help me with my physical illness. Reiki & Psychophysical healing are effective therapies. They removed any energy blockages, balanced my energy and improved my circulation."
R Gray

"I had hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and counselling to control my chronic pain and depression. She was able to get to the root cause after a few sessions and relieved my physical pain by resolving my emotional and mental issues."
A Turnbull

"Every time, I have to go to a meeting, I get nervous. Hypnotherapy and counselling really solved my anxiety and panic attacks. I was able to remove my fears about speaking and voicing my opinion."
W Oswald




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