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Conflict Management Program

This program explores the concepts of how to manage conflict more effectively to produce the best possible results for everyone concerned. Everyone has a different perspective of the event. It is necessary to identify the key steps to resolve the conflict, consider the alternatives and use assertive behaviour.

Relationship Building Program

This program examines the personal qualities to understand the characteristics of partnerships, social groups and teams to build effective relationships. It explores the positive and negative aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual links. Individuals are empowered to be confident in their ability to interact in any relationship.

People Management

Interacting with people is important in any business as individuals and as members of teams. In order to achieve short and long term goals of the organisation, it is necessary to ensure the staff are equipped with people management skills.

This program aims to develop skills understanding people, how to express yourself clearly, asserting your needs, exchanging feedback and influencing others.

Time Management

This program is essential for everyone in the workplace. It explores the concepts of how to manage time more effectively to produce the best results. Everyone has a different perception of time and skills need to be developed to plan the day, organize and prioritise office tasks.


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