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Self Mastery & Life Coaching

For Personal Change, Growth & Success

The Self Mastery and Life Coaching programs are customised to provide the best learning opportunity for personal change, growth, self empowerment and success.

The participant is able to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and attitude in order to apply the strategies and techniques to understand life experiences, create new opportunities and a better future.

The Self Mastery Coaching or Life Coaching programs enable the participant to understand the dynamics of the mind, the power of thought, positive thinking, the action process, the outcomes and results.

The coaches are able to facilitate and direct the learning of the participant by providing information, examples and learning activities to achieve the desired result.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Self Mastery or Life Coaching:

   What are the benefits for self mastery?
What can I achieve by completing the program?
How am I coached?
Do I have a choice of modules?
What are the personal attributes for success?
Who are the coaches?
Can Hypnotherapy be used?
Can stress management or relaxation programs help?

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What are the benefits for self mastery?

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  • Find purpose and meaning
  • Become more decisive
  • Accept responsibility
  • Increase self motivation
  • Gain self confidence
  • Gain self esteem
  • Increase self worth
  • Improve self image
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve well-being
  • Change unwanted behaviours
  • Change unwanted habits
  • Clear negative self-talk
  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Remove addictions






What can I achieve by completing the program?

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By completing the self mastery coaching program you will satisfy your individual needs and feel self-empowered by mastering specific areas:

  • Set & achieve goals
  • Acquire the skills to feel secure
  • Be in control of your destiny
  • Enhance personal performance
  • Create your desired future
  • Advance your career path
  • Create abundance & prosperity
  • Improve vitality & health
  • Create your desired self image
  • Be motivated & confident
  • Build a successful future
  • Overcome personal limitations
  • Enjoy life's changes & challenges





How am I coached?

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The aim of the program is to perform at an optimum level of competence in life using mastered personal attributes and qualities.

The participant combines the learnings from the modules, personalised coaching sessions and applies the strategies and techniques to their activities within their daily lives, to improve their relationships at work and at home, develop their career and achieve personal goals.

The participant makes appointments with the coach and agrees on their form of communication such as personal attendance, e-mail communication or telephone.







Do I have a choice of modules?

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Each participant does have a choice of modules. The participant can select the modules pertaining to their needs and requirements depending on the coaching program.

There are 36 Self Mastery modules pertaining to personal attributes and qualities such as acceptance, responsibility, commitment and trust that are necessary to increase the participant's perception, knowledge, ability and skills to create a successful future and enjoy a better quality of life.

The integration of the modules are essential skills necessary to find one's purpose and direction in life, self fulfillment, self satisfaction, unconditional love and connectiveness with All That Is, for balance, harmony and peace of mind.





What are the personal attributes for success?

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The program for success must be success in our thoughts, success in our action and success in our outcomes. Some personal attributes and qualities for success are:

  • Believe in yourself
  • Set realistic goals
  • Set simple and clear short-term goals
  • Know how you measure success
  • Make informed decisions
  • Take positive action
  • Ask for help and assistance
  • There are only opportunities to learn
  • Problems are challenges
  • Never give up & keep moving





Who are the coaches?

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Our coaches are qualified adult trainers, workplace assessors and are highly qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and transpersonal counsellors. With over 20 years of experience in business management, clinical practice and metaphysics, the lecturers are able to guide and direct the participants to the desired outcome.





Can hypnotherapy be used?

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Absolutely, hypnotherapy is a powerful tool used to help a person use their mind in better ways to resolve their problems or issues, overcome their fears, clear limiting beliefs and overcome barriers.

It is a tool to transform the way you experience life and while you are in this deeply relaxed state, long formed habits and behaviour modification can take place.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which is natural and safe. It is a state of mind where a person is conscious, aware of physical sensations and surroundings. In this deep relaxed state of altered consciousness, a person is more receptive to therapeutic positive suggestions and becomes more focused.




Can stress management or relaxation programs help?

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Generally, the majority of people perform better when they are not stressed and more relaxed to aid in their thinking process, decision making and task performance.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to relieve stress, tension, anxiety or panic that people may encounter at their workplace and the associated symptoms of headaches, migraines and respiratory problems. These programs improve memory, concentration and lowers blood pressure and improves your patience levels. The program aid in developing positive thinking and learning techniques to cope with daily situations and people.

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