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Tera Mai Reiki & Seichem

The courses are conducted by internationally recognised & registered Practitioner Master Teachers. Thomas and Katherine have many natural healing masterships: Usui Masters, Gendai Reiki Ho, Karuna, Sekhem, Seichim and Tibetan

The Reiki & Seichem courses are suitable for anyone interested in self healing or using healing methods to help others, such as child care workers, care givers, parents, nurses, community workers, social workers, therapists and practitioners.

The stresses and tensions of daily living, together with our thought patterns, combine to create blocks and imbalances in the flow of energy. These blocks are reflected in the body and manifest as physical, emotional or mental problems.
Reiki is a natural method of self healing and is a technique for stress reduction as well as for relaxation.

Reiki "ray-key" is a natural healing method allowing life force energy to be absorbed into the body to promote self healing and accelerates the body's ability to heal itself. It is given by "laying on of hands" in several positions on the head, front and back of the body.

Seichem is a natural healing method and powerful tool that works with Reiki and adds an extra dimension to healing. These healing energies can be channeled for self healing or for the healing of others or living things.

SEICHEM is the four-fold combination of Reiki.

  • The earth element works on the physical body
  • The water element works on the emotional body.
  • The fire element works on the mental body.
  • The air element works on the spiritual body.
Benefits Of Reiki & Seichem
  • Reduces stress and improves relaxation
  • Promotes creativity
  • Promotes intuition
  • Heals holistically
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the organs and glands
  • Releases blockages
  • Releases suppressed feelings

Reiki / Seichem Level I

The topics covered in Reiki Level I include Reiki overview, Reiki History, the principles and degrees, the chakra system, hand positions, Reiki treatment, attunements and self healing.

Reiki / Seichem Level II

The topics covered in Reiki Level II include Seichem History,History of healing, Reiki treatment, absent and distant healing, symbols and meanings, attunements, Reiki for daily living, healing animals and plants. The pre-requisite is Level I.

Reiki / Seichem Masters

The topics covered in Reiki / Seichem Masters include Seichem, Reiki treatment, absent and distant healing, all symbols and meanings, distant attunement, how to attune others, Master energy, How to present a workshop,Healing in crisis, Egyptian Cartouche initiation, order of melchizedick, attunements. The pre-requisite is Level I & Level II.

Psycho-Physical Healing

Psycho-Physical Healing is a progression from Reiki and Seichem Masters. When a student shows high levels of healing abilities, they may be invited to attend a psycho-physical healing course, which is taught in two levels.

Psycho-Physical Healing is the traditional name used for the therapeutic manipulation of the bio-energetic field of the physical body. In this course psycho-physical healing, you will be taught to see and feel energy blocks in the patients body and how to remove them.

In the second level you will be taught and attuned to higher energies, and also shown how to channel symbols that can be used for initiations.

This course is by invitation only and is offered to students who have reached a high level of spirituality and understanding of all types of energy healing and show a high level of compassion and the ability to work on many levels with all people.

This course's pre- requisite is Reiki and Seichem Master.

For all inquiries about course dates and locations, please email

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